9/5 Day 19 – going head to Toe

Dunworly Bay to Castletownshend 32km

We’re getting behind on these blogs, long days and reasonable weather compresses the camp time! So this is brief- we got on at a dreadful hour, paddled till the hands hurt even more, came ashore and put up the sopping tent and ate slept and did it all again… Done!

Having experienced the big swell yesterday we awoke in our river estuary shingle beach (which had only just been high enough for the swell surge ) and were out easily albeit against the tide flow –direct line to Galley head which is surrounded by surf beaches bad sign for us! Tide race helped us along and then another straight line to horse Island, we didn’t touch land today for 5hours….

with a head wind for the last hour. This rather killed our hope of getting round Toe head which can be exciting…. Ritchie and I had a walk round horse Island, saw the white flecks all over the sea and decided to head for the picture postcard which is Castletownshend We came across a spit which was full of canoe racks, Jim Kennedy runs his Atlantic Sea Kayaking from here. He was away and locals encouraged us to camp so we did! Ritchie and I took in a pub at Union Hall and our Guinness count is now heading in the right direction. And so are we!


6 thoughts on “9/5 Day 19 – going head to Toe

  1. Excellent log … I know what it’s like when you’re knackered and busy to sit down and write these logs but it’s great to get the insight to your Adventure !! Keep trucking Boys

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  2. Making progress trumps blogging. Well done to all of you on your progress and making another significant turning point. Good luck on the journey north. Enjoy!

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    1. Too right, but folk have been so interested and supportive it’s only right to keep em informed. Part of me just wants to quietly get on with it but Ireland’s a public place, they all talk to each other so this is our way of doing the same.


  3. Great progress! An interesting day among the islands. Hope the Atlantic is treating you kindly today! Where do you reckon is half way? Without wanting to tempt fate, how are you doing against schedule?


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