6/5 Day 16 – intercepted by Customs

52km Mine Head to Gyleen beach

We set off early to get round Ardmore point and do the longish crossing of Youghal Bay to Drum a Doon Head. The pace was good probably because I was singing the only song I know about Youghal and the other two had every reason to crack on ahead.

“I tell you a story that happened to me One day as I went down to Youghal by the sea The sun it was hot & the weather was warm . Says I a quiet pint wouldn’t do me no harm”

Amazingly, we were overhauled by Anthony Foley (who was paddling Mick’s old green Taran) and his partner Claire. They said hello and then true to the song produced 3 bottles of beer (named after the headlands we’d paddled) and bars of chocolate… absolutely gobsmacked… Anthony is a customs officer but clearly used to bootlegging booze on the side.. only joking all taxes were paid….. … Amazing people, they paddled with us to the head and it was great to have their company (and a break from the singing … I can hear you Rob) .

After saying our goodbyes, we trundled on to a cove and landed to be greeted by the beach hermit whose dog ate Brian Wilson lunch 30 years ago, and its successor had a good go again. As a hermit (former ships radio operator) he seemed to like company, pressed us hard to join him in a drop of cider… there’s a running theme here…

and then Ritchie had a little mishap, the spot fell in a rock pool while the battery was being changed. A real shame and rotten luck , he has been so careful with that thing… We have a number of other sos options but the amount of interest we have had from all of you has been greatly enabled by this little gadget. A rather sombre group paddled on to Ballycotton and along the beaches and low cliffs ( Cork. After a quick beach stop with surf, we rounded Power head and came ashore on the beach right in the corner. We started looking at how to resolve the tracking problem and this is just the time to have two It boffins in the team, and a few contacts. You’ll know by now that Jon Hynes at Kinsale simply passed his device to us (refusing to let us order hm a replacement, “we’ll sort that out later”and we also did a temporary work around using phones.

Social media is a real facet to this trip and has resulted in so much support, including the money you have raised. Do keep sharing our details and if you haven’t donated, please think about it. MSF & RNLI get help where it is badly needed – help us to keep it happening and thank you all so so much for your generous support to date.


9 thoughts on “6/5 Day 16 – intercepted by Customs

    1. A real pleasure to meet the person behind the reputation. What a great bunch you have in Tramore with a truly groundbreaking track record..Come and see Scotland!


  1. I’m sorry Dad, did you just come out in support of social media? My teenage self is punching the air. Glad you’re locatable once more and enjoying your booze-cruise. Xx

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  2. Pleasure meeting you guys on Monday, you need to write a book, definitely one of the more amusing blogs! You’re doing great guys, keep it up.


  3. Absolute pleasure meeting you guys on Monday, ye need to write a book, definitely one of the more amusing blogs! You’re doing great guys, keep it going.


  4. Absolute pleasure meeting you guys on Monday, ye need to write a book! Definitely one of the more entertaining blogs! Your doing great guys, keep it up.

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