30/4 Day 10- Kilcoole Station–Battlements and battling to Bray.

A wonderful reception from my friends the Pattons, and remarkable ingenuity from Sarah and Connor in finding shore side storage, thank you so much to the Cullen family , the 3 kayaks became a garden feature giving a contemporary feel to counterpoint with the crenellated mansionette and box hedge. A testament to the power of children’s social media networks.

We set off in stronger headwinds than yesterday, creeping along past all the amazing little swimming holes that dot the front here, it’s ALL granite and victorian castellated mini mansions. The famous forty foot was full of swimmers. Dalkey sound has a little reputation for excitement with wind against tide~it’s basically a tide race / over falls in a suburb, with every chance of Enya and Bono who overlook the spot, laughing at your antics as the S going stream meets the main current with a churning race. Very much the southern counterparts to the Baillie yesterday. However it was straightforward to cut through, unlike the slog across to Bray. After waiting to let the wind subside a bit we rounded Bray head which is an interesting combination of natural headland and victorian railway engineering, punctuated every 15 mins by cheerful little green DART trains, moving south a damn sight faster than we were.

Greystones has a new harbour and the marina looks well heeled, three tower cranes adding more ranks of apartments but with an impressive ‘clean’ sweep of graffitti on the sea walls, probably not what the architect planned, at once quite refreshing yet highlighting the gap between who these are being built for and who not!

We decided today we should not fight into the headwinds for hours as it is due go westerly tomorrow and drop off a lot. But we also want to get within striking distance of Wicklow Head. Grinding along the shingle and railway boulder shore we were finding it hard to prise the miles out- we were fighting a tide and wind, doing less than 3kmph. So we stopped and are on a shingle shore beside the railway, having halted before the tern colonies, nothing to do with our conservation instincts just seemed to be little gain, with the prospect of an easier run early tomorrow morning. I was quite glad of that as after several days of pushing hard into steep waves I won’t mind giving the shoulder an easier ride if I can.

And so to bed as the barometer rises and the alarm clock gets set.



3 thoughts on “30/4 Day 10- Kilcoole Station–Battlements and battling to Bray.

  1. Making good progress guys and even when its a slog it beats being at work. Well for the ONE of you hasn’t retired anyway !

    Out of interest, will the Spot Tracker only show so many days as I notice its now showing 29th + 30th only ?
    No matter but would have been nice to have seen the whole track as it unfolds.


    1. Been trying to get right options to display all track and all points. Not got it yet. You can go to drop down menu on title of map and select adjustments. Don’t change anything but just press Update Map. That should give you everything.


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