9 thoughts on “25/4 – Hospitality ….

  1. If you’re taking a day off (!) and have time on your hands, for those of us unfamiliar with expedition kayaking, it would be interesting to hear some of the logistical considerations for such a trip, e.g. how many days food and water do you carry, did you plan specific restocking points, what is typical day’s menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner, what do you eat/drink when afloat to keep energy up for 6-8 hours paddling … just generally what sort of deprivations you are suffering for your adventure!!


  2. Breakfast is eggs in various forms or beans and sausage. Cannot stomach all the healthy stuff of muesli or bananas. In short eat what you like – not what you are supposed to eat. Stay safe during Hannah.


  3. Dave and Co. Bed, Breakfast and hot showers available. 5 minutes drive from Dalkey island/ Collimore Harbour if it suits schedule. Conor


    1. Hello Connor, how really kind. Do you really know what smelly wet kayakers do to anice place like yours? We would love to see you and take advantage! At present we’ve been adopted by the Clogher head lifeboat coxn whoare unbelievably kind. Our trolley broke, it’s now been welded by his son and the whole crew could not have done more.
      The forecast is dire and we are unlikely to get on the water before Sunday. I reckon we are 2 days from Dublin which means it’d be Monday night at the earliest.
      V much appreciate the offer but do not put yourself out. I will give you a call over the next couple of days once things are clearer re the weather.Orra best David


  4. Glad to hear you’ve a good place to stay and hospitality when stormbound! Enjoying following the blog posts although sometimes confused about which day it’s actually about (seems different to the date on the post sometimes). Have fun! Xx

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    1. Thanks Sally. We agree it gets confusing with the three of us posting and the main trip reports being written a day or two later. We put our heads together and agreed on a standard heading: date on all postings and Day # on main trip reports. Hope that makes it less confusing. I’ll be keeping close on your Dad to ensure he complies.


      1. I’m ashamed to be the person complaining about formatting, what have I become… Anything to blame other people for my confusion…


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