Getting the kit and getting half fit is nothing to the rigours of preparing to blog. My mind never finds it easy to retain login sequences and details, so heartfelt thanks to Ritchie who has just those skills- I would say he is OCD – Old Canoeist who is Digital. And then there is Rob….he is also digital, but to keep this blog classy I perhaps won’t share my acronymn for him. It’s not like me to be short of a word or ten, but I can’t really say adequately how much I appreciate the commitment they both have made, and the manner in which they have approached this venture.Fingers crossed for some settled weather.

We are hoping to raise money as we go for 2 life altering causes – Medecin sans frontiers and the RNLI. Both do sterling work in dangerous places showing courage and humanity. Both also have a strong UK and especially Irish following and commitment from local people. Please if you can, do give to these, we will be doing the same. We’ve dreamed of this adventure, let’s also help put an end to others’ nightmares- give generously!

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